Software Solutions


Thanks to our passionate team we develop high level products. Whether they are new solutions, customizations or evolutions of already existing products, we like to define our projects as “tailor-made software”, designed or customized for each customer.

The secret of the quality of our work is a critical approach, with an eye always turned to the end user. Our software is made by people, for people.

Our experience, gained in over 20 years, combined with a constant update guarantees the creation of an effective product in line with the latest innovations in the technology field. We apply the smartest development logic to always get the best performance.

Some of our software solutions

The all-in-one tool for managing your own Company. A one of a kind solution to manage administrative activities, customers, employees and suppliers which gives the possibility of integrating additional functions on request.

For facilities open to the public with restricted access, it ensures constant monitoring of employees or clients’ access and exit, A dedicated dashboard also allows to access accurate reports.

A cutting-edge ecosystem that brings the latest generation technologies to the gym: Android / iOS APP for customers, administrative management software, entry and exit monitoring system via biometric recognition and much more.

The innovative app that aims to offer Hotels and Hotel Chains customers the perfect stay within their smartphone reach.

Are you looking for a dedicated software solution?