Data Profiling

Data Profiling

We go to the heart of data, choosing the good ones for the business.

After having collected and analyzed them, we synthesize them and elaborate models that allow us to correlate them. Whether it is information relating to user acquisition, retention, monetization, virality, etc. through their careful profiling, we give the opportunity to fully understand the value of the activities and to optimize investments.

We take advantage of the more complex technological infrastructures to transform the collected data into accurate and always up-to-date reports and graphs that are ready to be shared.

More about profiling


On average, 50% of the invested budget is wasted on traffic and unskilled leads.


Customers or potential buyers profiling is essential to understand the ideal targets.


Understanding the targets allows you to produce personalized, relevant and persuasive messages.

Examples of user profiling


Age and gender.


The level of education, employment, income bracket and family structure.


City, residential location and what characterizes the neighborhood, the city or the area in which the user live.


What influences purchasing decisions in terms of product choice, what leads to make a purchase and why.


Behaviors and beliefs, including personalities, hobbies, interests, lifestyle, values.


Recency: How recently our customer has made a purchase. Frequency: how often our customer makes purchases. Monetary Value: how much money our customer spends.