Data Analysis

Data Analisys

Nowadays the sources from which it is possible to acquire data are so many and tend to multiply constantly.

Have you ever heard of big data? That is, the massive amount of information relating to the activities that are carried out daily on digital devices.

Well, all this information is invaluable.

To guide the decision-making processes of the business, through the use of dedicated tools and thanks to a constant and complete analysis of the data sets, we are able to detect this data and reduce its complexity. It is the starting point for identifying the information really useful for evaluating the digital presence of a customer and plan any changes or new strategies.

More about data

4,5 billion

Internet users around the world as of June 2019.

Source: Internet World Stats.

More data than stars

At the beginning of 2020, the number of bytes in the digital universe was 40 times higher than the number of stars in the visible universe.

Source: World Economic Forum.

463 exabyte

The amount of data that by 2025 is estimated will be created globally every day is the equivalent of two hundred million DVDs per day.

Source: World Economic Forum.

Why are they so important?


They are quickly generated and acquired.


They are heterogeneous in sources and formats.


They are certified and reliable.


They evolve based on time and context.

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