Spike is the “”brain of the machine””, our artificial intelligence engine, the outcome of years of research and development.

With Spike, data comes to life and technology becomes smart, for real, thanks to the interconnection of all the very latest innovations in the industry.

It is an engine capable of collecting, analyzing, understanding and learning data in an automatic cycle that recurs with maximum speed and precision.

Spike can transform data into vital business insights. Its application is transversal to all the main technological platforms and a guarantee of success in every field.

Why implementing it?

Real-time Analysis

It rapidly analyzes a huge amount of data.

Constant efficiency

The ability to improve ensures the engine always remains efficient.


The countless automatic control processes are able to reduce the error to a minimum.


An intelligent technology that is able to relate to the most common platforms.

Ease of use

An integrated dashboard that makes data query very simple.

Immediate benefits

Its adoption brings immediate benefits in the development of any strategy.

Breathing life into your business